The Lives Of Others


The Tropenmuseum accommodates eight permanent exhibitions dedicated to ethnographic subjects – giving a glimpse of life in the tropical and subtropical parts of the world (ironically, it started out in the 1920s promoting Dutch colonialism). One of the city’s largest museums with permanent exhibitions of jewellery, vehicles and religious items, it is also a hub for world music, with a musical display allowing visitors to hear various instruments at the touch of a button. The ground floor display hosts temporary art and photography exhibitions, while the scenic restaurant offers predictably adventurous cuisine.



+31 (0)88 004 2800
Linnaeusstraat 2
1092 CK Amsterdam

Opening Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10:00-16:00
Wednesday: 10:00-17:00
Thursday: 10:00-17:00
Friday: 10:00-17:00
Saturday: 10:00-17:00
Sunday: 10:00-17:00